Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Last night for Enrichment my ward did painting classes. We had the choice of doing watercolors, oils, or faux painting. They were also painting blocks for the LDS Church humanitarian effort. Anyway, since I have spending a lot of time with a three year old who likes to paint with the cheap-o kids watercolors I have been interested in learning how to do the real thing. I was excited to have the opprotunity and enjoyed the class last night.

We worked on washes and playing with the brushes and the paints, learning how to control the amount of water, etc. I learned that it takes a lot of practice to figure it out. We did a quick dry brush piece to play around a bit. I was pleasently surprised with how mine turned out.

I'm excited to play around with it some more. Last night I was dreaming about sketches I could do and then paint. We will see how it goes!

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Heath#1 said...

That is great you have talent!! Keep it up. Heather