Monday, June 30, 2008

Balls of Fun Food

Dinner came together tonight quite by accident. The plan was to make cream cheese wontons and fried rice. That quickly went into the garbage when I found that my wonton wraps were moldy (I swear they hadn't been in my black pit of a fridge THAT long). Soooo, on to plan B. But I bearly had a plan A let alone a B.

Anyway, I eventually scrambled up everything (well almost everything, I was a little shy on the grape jelly) to make Spicy Meatballs in double crunch time. I already had made the rice preping for my flopped fried rice when it dawned on me I could have some fun with this. Thus enters one of my favorite kitchen tools the ball scoop. Great for making cookies all the same size with little mess, I wondered what this little gadget would do to warmish rice. Turns out it makes a crumbly yet recognizable little ball or rice, better when squished in a little bit.

Now I had meatballs and rice balls, there seemed to be a trend going here. Why not carry it even further. Presto, out came the brussel sprouts from the freezer! And there you have it, a Ball of a Dinner.
I will say it was a hit with the boys (though the shortage of grape jelly resulted in overly spicy meatballs. Poor Sam couldn't figure out what to do with his little tongue on fire) They even both ate a brussel sprout! Elijah's was leaf by leaf, but he admited he liked it.

Overall a great sucess that wasn't planned at all!

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Jer said...

What a cool idea! I'd love your spicy meatball recipe. Sounds yummy.