Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Sad Farewell to Primary

Today was my last day teaching the CTR 5 primary class. It was sad to say good-bye to my class (two of which weren't even there because they are on vacation). I just found out yesterday. It's a big change, really fast. I will miss the energy and smiles of my class; I'll miss the primary songs and being able to watch Elijah in sharing time; I will miss teaching and learning with these amazing kids.
My new calling is in the Relief Society as a co-enrichment leader. I am excited to be doing enrichment (though I'm not exactly sure what I've gotten myself into). It will be nice to be able to attend Relief Society regularly, something I haven't done for almost 5 years.
I am grateful for a church that gives us callings and assignments. Every member is given the opprotunity to serve one another and the assignments change from time to time. I know that these callings are directed by the guidence of the Holy Ghost to our priesthood leaders and that they come from God. I am grateful to be able to serve where ever I am called.

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Laura said...

What!? Holy cow! That was a short jaunt in primary. You will be awesome on enrichment. I am excited for you--just what the committee needs :) Who's replacing you in primary? Naomi is dying to know. She'll miss you a lot.