Friday, May 14, 2010

Cute Little Bambino

I did double duty with doctor's visits today.  One was my normal prenatal appointment the other was an echo sonogram to check the baby's heart.  Everything checks out.  Bambino is a healty, active boy that weighs in at about 1 lb 3 oz.
I love his cute little nose and lips.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Never Again

The boys and I went to the mall yesterday to check out a Gymberee sale (clearance + 30%off).  I found some cute things for bambino #3 and a few things for the boys for school next year. 

Anyway, while we were at the mall we passed the Motherhood Maternity store.  I've been looking for a cute, cool dress to wear this summer and decided I'd brave it real quick with the boys.

Never Again.

Thank goodness we were the only ones in the store and that the sole clerk was busy on the phone or I would have been TOTALLY embarassed.

While I was checking out the sale racks Sam was checking out the nursing bras and exclaiming "Mom, you have one of these!" and of course wouldn't stop touching them all when I noticed what he was doing.  Then, despite the signs, I decided to try on a couple dresses.  I herded the boys into the dressing room while Elijah complained "Are we going to see you naked?" -um... NO.  I tried on a dress over my undershirt and pants and Elijah innocently says "That doesn't look good Mom."  I agreed but not sure I needed him announcing it.  Meanwhile Sam is keeping himself busy licking the mirror.

All of this might have been worth it if I had found something I liked, but no such luck.  The search goes on and next time I will do it without my two little shadows.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Feeling the Love

Josh and the boys worked hard to make my Mother's Day a special day.  I got to sleep in a bit while they made pancakes for breakfast using this:
(well they attempted, we were having some plug issues.  It did get used later for dessert though)

We all got to go to church together and I got to wear this that Elijah picked out especially for me because "he loves me and it is my favorite color"
Elijah went up with the Primary and sang two Mother's Day songs (He was the cutest kid singing up there, but I might just be partial).  We came home and made smoothies with this which Sam proudly presented to me, again in my favorite color

We had steak, sweet potatoes, and corn on the cob for dinner and topped the day off with brownies, strawberries and icecream.  Overall a sweet day spent with the most wonderful men in the world.  Without them I wouldn't be who I am, a much loved mother.

Sam's Rainbow

Sam is often found with a crayon or marker in his hand.  He is constantly filling papers, often papers that are not his (bills, Elijah's artwork), with letters and drawings.  This was one of his first pictures that filled the whole page and was a complete scene.  Sam was very proud of it.  The picture has a blue sky, yellow sun, rainbow, bridge, river, grass, and grammie and Sam.

Cute Boys

Josh's sisters had the idea to give Grandma Strong a photo collage of all her grandkids for Mother's Day.  I went to my photo files looking for cute pictures of the boys and came up empty handed.  Needless to say it is time to have some new ones professionally done but I was able to get the boys to cooperate and let me take their pictures on Saturday.

I can say I have pretty cute kids!

Getting pictures of these boys is challenging.  When you tell Elijah to smile he gives you some kind of grimmace and when you tell him to look at the camera he will turn his head but his eyes are almost always looking somewhere else.  Sam is just plain goofy doing cheezy grins, sticking his tongue out, doing funny things with his eyes.  Lets just say they are a fun couple kids that make life crazy enjoyable.


I came downstairs this morning to find my boys huddled around the coffee table doing this:
We have been playing a lot of Uno lately.  Sam especially likes it.  He will ask Josh to play and Josh will try to put him off but Sam won't take No for an answer and Josh is great at giving in. 

Both Elijah and Sam completely understand the rules and are able to play by themselves with very little help.  Elijah manages to hold all his cards in his hands but Sam lays them all out on the table.  The boys do really well at holding their own and often they win.  Elijah is very competitive and has had struggles with completing some games because it's not going his way.  He is really sweet though and always appologizes when he plays a card that makes me draw a card.  He's not so nice to Josh and Sam.

It's pretty exciting that the boys are getting old enough to play games that are actually entertaining to their parents.  We proudly start our gamers young!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Baby's First Picture

Life's been chugging along here in Maryland.  I keep thinking about blogging, even take pictures specifically for posts, but just haven't felt like it.  Sorry!  I have an extra special picture to share and hopefully it will get the blog juices productivly flowing again.

Monday all of us (Elijah and Sam included) headed down to Maternal Fetal Medicine for my 20 wk ultrasound.  With the move (twice) I didn't get to an OB early on in my pregnancy and this was the first ultrasound I've had of our little bambino.  Also because of some family history I get to have extra detailed ultasounds which was really interesting for Josh and I but the boys soon tired of the black blob on the screen.  I think their questions, particularly Elijah's, started to annoy the technician  Well, everything checked out, it's officially a healthly looking baby with a darn cute profile that they guessed to weigh about 12 oz. 

Even more interesting... it's a baby BOY!  Yep, number three. It still hits me sometimes that I'm going to be the mother of THREE boys and stops my heart for a moment.  Oh MY!  Thank goodness for the gospel and Josh-- I know I don't have to handle it all alone.

Now I get to start planning the nursery.  I've started drooling over fabric (trying to ignore all the adorable girl prints) and plotting a quilt and colors.  There's a lot to be done before this bambino makes his debue.