Friday, June 20, 2008

Frances England

I just came across this artist through someone's blog and now my fingers are inching to get ahold of her cds. Her sound is fresh and fun. The songs are geared towards kids but entertaining for parents too. I found a video of one of her songs on Youtube "Tricycle". If you want to hear more of her songs she is on Amazon or CD baby (which lets you listen to two minutes of the songs). Her albums are Facinating Creatures and Family Tree.


Does anyone have any child approved music they enjoy listening to?

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Susan said...

It's always great to find kids music that doesn't irritate me. :) They Might Be Giants has some great kids music out right now - Here Come the 123's is awesome! And they also have an ABC album too I think. Here's their website-
I'm pretty sure you can find some of their music videos on YouTube - my favorite is the song about the number 0. :)