Monday, June 9, 2008

Blokus Game Review

I was really excited to find this game at a garage sale. I've been watching it at the stores for months and months wanting it to go on sale enough to justify me buying it. I jumped at it when I found it on Saturday for $5.00 and I'm not disappointed that I did.

We immediately pulled it out when we got home. Josh, Elijah and I played it together. The game is good for 2-4 players. The object of the game is to get as many of your 21 pieces onto the board. You can only place your pieces off of ones of your own color already played and none of the sides can touch, only the diagonal corners. The strategy comes in when you try and block the other players from putting their pieces down and try and sneak your way into their territory while defending your own. At the end of the game you add up how many squares of area you have played. Each is worth a point, the player with the most points wins and you get extra points if you played all your pieces.

The box suggests it for ages 5 and up but Elijah was interested in the game too. It was actually a good game for him. He understood how to place the pieces on the corners and he did a great job taking turns. The game is excellent for spacial awareness and figuring out how the pieces can fit together- great skills for a three year old to learn. And after we finished playing the game Elijah spent a good while placing all the pieces on the board in a big puzzle.

Josh and I played it alone, without Elijah, last night. With two players you play two colors each. I really enjoyed it. It was challenging, but not complex. It made me stretch the way I look at the board to try and figure out new ways to go and place my pieces. I'm excited to play it again and figure out the strategy even more.

This game deserves all the awards it has received and I would recommend it to old and young.

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Esther said...

Funny you blogged about Blockus. My Josh and I played our 2-person version the day you wrote this blog! Ironic. Our family loves that game too.