Thursday, June 26, 2008

Atribute Game

A couple months ago I mentioned a game idea I found at The Crafty Crow called The Attribute Game. It requires that you collect a lot of random stuff in order to play. Well, my mother-in-law was here this past weekend and she surprised us with a large shoe box full of items to play the attribute game with. I was so excited and Josh thought I was nuts. The kids imediately went to digging through all the random things and playing with them.
This afternoon Elijah and I pulled it out and actually played the game. It was a great talking game for Elijah and watching him think and make connections was so interesting. We ended up with a big line of objects circling our living room. Great fun! I'll be looking for a zipper bag, preferable clear (like a large makeup bag or something) to keep all of this fun stuff contained and mobile.
Thanks Grandma Strong!


chrisy said...

I have a bag for you too. it's the bag that our mattress pad came in. If you want it, I'll save it for you.

Laura said...

That game sounds great! Can't wait to try it.