Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hitting the Ball

While in Utah at my parents house the boys played baseball with Papa. I was surprised they both were actually able to hit the ball and they got to where they could hit it fairly well. Elijah and Sam LOVED it and everyone else also had a good time. I got some of it on video. Sam is especially funny because he would face the pitcher and you would tell him to turn his side to the pitcher and he would always do a 3/4 turn the opposite direction to do it.

Cute Chefs

The boys were "cooking" for their friends Ginger (Elijah's stuffed bunny) and Brownie (Sam's stuffed horse)the other day and I couldn't resist getting their pictures.  Elijah even had a tiny little chocolate cupcake mustache to complete the look and I love how his curls stick out of his hat. 

Meet Matilda

We have had a new addition to our family; a FEMALE addition.
Full Name:  Matilda Strong
Short Name: Tilly (very important to Sam)
Birthdate: April 17, 2010
Adoption Date:  June 16, 2010
Breed: Standard Schnauzer
Color: Salt and Pepper
Current Weight: 7.2 lbs

I've been drooling over dogs for a long time.  I've gone back and forth about timing and whether to get one from a shelter or a breeder, etc.  I've been watching craigslist for months and looking at breeders in the area.  I seriously considered getting a puppy when I was in Utah and saw the most adorable miniture schnauzer puppies.   When Matilda's post came up on craigslist this week I jumped on it we went to see her, fell in love and brought her home.  I haven't regretted!

She is a sweet, spunky little girl.  She can be really mellow and cuddly and she also loves to play.  She's very smart and is already showing good results with potty training.  She's good with the boys, who love her and pray for her, though still gets a little excited and when she gets excited she likes to bite a bit.  Something we are working on.  Josh has been SUPER cute with her.  She adores him and I'm convinced he recipricates.  Matilda keeps tabs on Josh when he is home and follows him around.  Overall Tilly has fit right into the family.  I think we are all happy about the addition.

She came crate trained.  Hightly recommend crate training with a puppy!!!  She is content to spend time in her crate, it has really helped with potty training, and she sleeps through the night (though she is ready to go out early).  With the crate, she is only allowed acces to the house when we know she is not likely to go potty and when I can watch her closely thus limiting the accidents in quantity and area (most have been on my wood floors which makes for easy clean up).

It's hard to get pictures of her because as soon as you try and get her attention she comes bounding at you to give you loves.  I did manage to get a few.  (I think it's kind of cute that instead of red-eye the flash makes her eyes blue.)