Friday, July 16, 2010

They grow SO fast

We've had Matilda for a month now.  She has just fit right into our family.  We all love having her around.  She is quite entertaining and frequently makes us laugh.  We are still working on the biting, which is getting a lot better, and the potty training...  Generally she just makes us all happy, including my proclaimed "non-dog person" husband.

Josh spends his early mornings with Tilly.  Lets her out of her crate, feeds her, takes her out, wrestles with her, and they have started jogging together.  It's pretty cute to listen in on their activities.  Tilly is very fond of Josh and I would be hard pressed to believe he doesn't recipricate.  She even pitched in to help him on his Home Theater Computer.  They are a cute duo.

Tilly's growing like a weed!  It's amazing how fast that happens.  I'd guess she is close to 11lbs now and we've had to loosen her collar.  I think she will eventually end up bigger than we thought/were told, but I have no regrets.  I think she's a perfect fit for our family.

She can sit, fetch, release her toys, go IN, and "go out" meaning potty.  She's a smart girl when you can keep her focused long enough to care.  She loves playing with the boys.  They run around the main floor and Tilly chases the boys cutting corners and surprising them and barking.  It makes for a pretty crazy house (my mom with vouch to that, she's heard it over the phone) and very funny to watch.   She likes ice cubes and will bat them around the floor and chew on them.  She also has radar for Bunny and Brownie, Elijah and Sam's precious stuffed animals.  She knows she's not supposed to but whenever she gets a chance she will run off with them but easily surrenders them.  Tilly will also bat around egg shell halves and carry them in her mouth, often covering her nose.  Pretty funny to watch.

Tilly will crawl under the couch on the main floor (our old love seat from our college days - WEIRD to say that!). She will pop out and jump at the boys.  I don't know how much longer she will be able to get under there.  It's becoming a tight squeeze.

Cute Kids

My posts lately have been about random things but I thought I needed to throw a picture in of my two biggest responsibilities.  They keep me busy and fill my days (mostly) with love.  My boys are such goofy kids who just love life (and are loving having a puppy in the house).


I came home from YW's last night to find this on the table in one of our drinking glasses:

Apparently the boys were out with Josh and Tilly last night and Elijah found and caught this little guy all by himself.  Josh and I were pretty impressed.  Elijah wanted to keep it in the cup so I could see it when I got home then we let it go outside.  I need all the misquito eaters out there I can get.  They are sure bitting!


This morning we were awakened early by the house shaking.  Yep, I have officially experienced my first EARTHQUAKE!  I find it ironic. 

Anyway, apparently it was a minor 3.6 magnitude quake.  It didn't even wake up the boys and Josh and I woke up long enough to wonder what was going on then rolled over and went back to sleep. 

Apparently Washington DC has had minor earthquakes in the past but this morning's was the strongest to hit within 30 miles of DC since they started keeping records (1974).

Pretty crazy!

See Usspost for an article on the quake.
There's also a cool seismic activity picture on the Maryland Geological Survey website but it is being really really slow loading right now.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Nursery Brainstorming

I've been surfing and drooling at baby stuff online for a few months now (okay 7). There is a ton of cute stuff out there made by such talented people. When I found out we were having a boy that limited everything by two-thirds but I am still excited about the possibilities.

This is the first time that I have had full freedom to decorate a nursery. After much hee-hawing I've decided to do a woodland theme. Granted I still haven't actually done anything but I do have a good idea of what I want to happen... eventually. (In all reality some of it is not likely to come together until my talented and motivated mother gets here. I love you Mom!)

I have plans to make a quilt for the crib as well as crochet an afghan (which I did for Sam and Elijah). I would also love to do a crib skirt and possibly crib sheets. Ambitious, I know.

As for decor, basically I'm leaning toward the colors orange, brown, blue, warm yellow, and lime green. I've also always been attracted to owls and trees. (Okay, so it seems the room is all for me.)  I think the wall color will either be a robin blue (not baby blue) or a warm yellow.  I keep changing my mind though. A mossy green would be nice too.

So here are pictures of ideas that I like. Let me know what you think.

I want to do a tree mural on the wall, either vinyl, painted or mod podged.  I think the little bird house light on the tree is adorable.  I also like the branches used for wall decor and for the mobiles and the ball lamp with honey bees wrapped around it. 

I've also started crocheting some of my ami critters.  I've got an owl and part of a hedgehog so far.

I've also been drooling over things on etsy.  Mostly fabric and project ideas.  Here's a list of some of my favorites.

What do you think?  Am I nuts?  Do you have any ideas to add?  I would love to hear your feedback.

Slave vs Mom

Yesterday Elijah watched some episodes of the show Liberty Kids. My mom (and sisters) recommended it and when I saw it at the library I picked it up. It's a cartoon series that goes through the events surrounding the American Revolution and supposedly it is rather accurate. Anyway, Elijah was glued (and I happily took a nap hence I can't give my personal opinoin) and apparently some of the content stuck with him...

Last night as we were settling down for FHE Elijah asks "What is a slave?"
I told him it was someone that is owned by someone else who has to work for them, isn't paid and can't leave if they want to.
He quickly processed that and responded, "Like you, Mommy."

Umm, well... not exactly.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Living in Maryland

My observations:

Trees, Trees, TREES (and more trees)
Humidity- UGH!
I really like my house
Rain does not make it cooler outside
I would hate to learn how to drive on these freeways
There doesn't seem to be a "Maryland" accent
Grocery stores are small, lacking in selection, and expensive
No Super Target or Super Walmart (closest is 30+ minutes away)
You can't see the sunset
Close to loads of things to see including historical sites
Josh is enjoying his job
No one has sprinkler systems, they let their grass die (go dormant) in the summer
Love the variety of birds in my yard
You have to drive on a freeway to get most anywhere

Seems like I am forgetting some that have been floating around in my head. I'll update my list as they come to me.