Monday, April 11, 2011


Saturday we all went up to Hershey, PA and went to Hersheypark, a family geared amusement park. 


First of all can I say that place smelled like heaven.  Oh so good! 
It was Josh's work day at the park which ment we got discount tickets and the crowds weren't overly crazy.  The weather was cold, mid 40's to low 50's BUT it didn't rain.  I'd much rather it be cold than HOT and humid.   (There were fans in all the line areas which does not speak well to the conditions in the summer.)

Hersheypark has all the height requirements seperated into different candy categories.  All the ride signs throughout the park have the candies on them that are allowed to ride.  Elijah and Sam were both Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.  We went on a few kiddie rides and Ben even got to go on the train ride with all of us, then we moved on to the roller coasters.

Pictures of them riding rides are hard to catch.
  I love their faces though

The rides are all rated from Mild to Wild.  Every ride is grouped into one of five categories and numbered 1-5, 5 being the wildest.  My boys went on every level and wanted to go again and again.  (I didn't realize until just now that the SooperDooperLooper was a 5 -eeekk)

These are the three major rides we did.  I'm grateful we did the Comet last.  It was a screamer, but didn't seem to phase Elijah and Sam.  They had perma-grins.


Elijah and I got off of the SooperDooperLooper to find Sam and Ben's faces looking rather blue.  Sam was blue the rest of the day, blue face, teeth, tongue, hand...  Ben was a trooper the whole day.  Most of it he spent bundled up in the stroller just jabbering away.  At lunch we discovered that he has two teeth breaking through his bottom gum.  It must be a sign.


Sam and Elijah with their souvineers with Reese's Peanut Butter Cups


In front of a statue of Milton Hershey founder of... Hershey:)

It was a fabulous day as a family and a great warm up for Disney World next month!!!!!  Now we know that the boys will be ready to tackle Space Mountain.  Bring it on!

Friday, April 1, 2011




Ben is "So Big"

Ben has gotten so big.  He is now six months old!  He is so much fun to have in our home and makes me smile everyday.  He's an eating machine, taking down anything you put in his mouth (unfortunatly he still likes his night feedings too).  He loves to play and watch his brothers.  His new trick is the game "So Big".  It just melts my heart with how cute he is.
I was so distracted with the cuteness of Ben that my camera skills are lacking.  You can also hear Elijah in the backgound reading a book about sharks (he is a reading machine).