Thursday, June 26, 2008

New Camera

Thank you for all your comments about your cameras. I decided to go for the Lumix TZ4 (pictured in my rambling post) and see if I liked it. Costco really sweetened the deal by giving me a $70 coupon which I ended up getting a raincheck for and then an extra $30 off when the camera was back in stock. It was a great package deal with a case, sd card, and 50 free prints. Overall too hard to resist.

I have had the camera a few days now and I am still learning how to use all of it's many features. I'm excited about all of it's capibilities (and sad I didn't have it last weekend for all our fun excursions). So far, I'm liking the camera a lot and happy with my purchase. I find myself taking the same pictures over and over with different settings trying to figure what exactly they do. It's been great fun! I can't wait to take it to Southern Utah for our anniversary trip next month.


Charis said...

I love feet pictures, when dannette finally gets time to take our family pictures i hope she takes some feet pictures for family shots. There are all sorts of cute ideas that I sent to her to get her creative mind thinking, you should look them up and see if you can figure something out, maybe you could take my family feet photos when you come. Go look up on google images "family feet photos" I think that will get you it. or maybe just "family feet" they have some great ideas, I am sure you would have fun trying some. is one of my favoites:

I don't know if that connection worked... we will see

Charis said...

If you copy it and put it into your address bar it will bring it up. Try these ones too:

and one last one:

The very first one I think is my favorite, though I think all of them are cute! So figure it out and then you can play with my families feet, and I would love you forever and ever (wait I already do... but you get the point)