Monday, June 30, 2008

"IT" worked

Whatever "It" is. Josh has been working on it for weeks with nothing but long hours and frustration. But today "It" worked!

I don't pretend to understand what exactly "It" is. It has something to do with quantum computing (which again, I don't really understand) and making small chips with tiny wires that require multiple steps described with words I hear thrown around including: acid, etching, masks, clean room, fab, etc.

I do know that my husband is rather excited and has been working himself ragged trying to get "It" to work and today it did!

But "It" has yet to proove itself in the refrigerator (that isn't a refrigerator but supposedly a little box with vacuums that can get colder than I can comprehend). Our fingers are crossed that "It" will perform well this coming week when it is cooled down. If anything amazing comes of "It" I'm sure you will hear about it. Here's hopin'!

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Cambria said...

Yay! We don't know for sure what "it" all entails, either, but we do know that it is very exciting that it worked. Congrats Josh! We miss you guys, give the boys a hug from us.