Monday, June 2, 2008

Key Lime Pound Cake

Elijah has been begging to make a cake out of our key limes I bought to make a pie out of. He claims he doesn't like the pie and wanted to make a cake with a hole in the middle out of the limes instead. Yesterday we found a recipe on and Elijah and Josh made his cake. It was probably the prettiest, most perfect bundt cake to ever come out of my kitchen!

The cake came out cleanly. It was dense and moist. It melted in your mouth and had a nice key lime bite that was refreshing. The glaze gave it a nice extra zing. MMMmm! So good! (Unfortunatly the total goodness comes at a price. The cake is loaded -loaded with fat and sugar.)

I've uploaded the recipe onto Everyday recipes, check it out! There have also be a lot of great recipe additions to the site that I am excited to try out.

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