Saturday, June 23, 2012

Girls Camp

As part of my calling as young women's president in my ward I have the opprotunity to attend girls camp with my young women.  The camp is organized and run by Stake leaders so it is very little stress for me.  I get to go up and just enjoy being with my girls and being away from the craziness of everyday life (ie. my adorable kids, housework, errands, cooking).  This year my mom was in town so I was able to leave my boys knowing they would have a fabulous time with grammie and that the house wouldn't be a complete warzone when I got home.

Our Stake has been going to a gorgeous campsite at Blue Know State Park in Pennsylvania for several years now (this was my third year up there).  Sadly this was the last year they will be going to good ol' Blue Knob.  Next year they are going to a new camp which is closer in Gettysburg.  Sad and exciting.

I had 19 amazing YW go up to camp this year.  They are such a blessing in my life.  I am grateful I am able to serve them and bask in their greatness.
Leftish to Rightish: Brenna, Kimmy, Alissa, Erin, Sister Teerlink, Isabelle, Jessica, Tanissa, Amanda, Taylor, Melissa, Bishop Johnson, Kayla, Lexi, Kristine, Brianna, SuJin, Elizabeth, Alyssa,Sarah, and Charlotte.

And their sillyness :)

A couple of my favorite things about girls camp this year:  Flag ceremony and Ward skit night

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Horseback Riding

Josh has a coworker that has horses on her parents's property in Frederick, Md.  She invited a few families out for some horseback riding, swimming, and a BBQ.  The boys were in heaven, especially Benjamin.

There were three horses, two females named Holly (brown) and Specks (the one with specks) and a male named Peter (gray).  The boys all had an opprotunity to brush the horses, watch them be saddled, and then walk them out to the field.

Josh and all three boys holding Peter's lead rope and walking him around.

Then all the boys were given the opprotunity to ride the horses (while being lead by an adult).  Elijah rode Peter by himself.  (Crazy hair!  He's badly in need of a haircut and the bike helmet accentuates that.)

Ben proudly holding the rope for Elijah.  Ben was all in the entire time.

Then it was Sam's turn.  He was more hesitant to ride alone and so Josh got to ride with him.  Apparently Josh had never been on a horse before.

And finally it was Ben's turn!  Sadly the picture is blurry but there is no mistaking his grin.

Ben also got to ride Holly with Josh's coworker
When we were all done riding Elijah and Sam got to hose down the horses (along with those holding the ropes) and give the horses treats.  It really was interesting to see the whole process.  Horses are A LOT of work.

It was very hard to say goodbye to the horses.  Ben kept going back and waving to each one and was very reluctant to leave.  Ever since then he has been very interested in horses and notices them outside the car window and in books.