Thursday, August 8, 2013

Elsa: 8 Months

My little Elsa turned 8 Months old yesterday.  It is amazing how she is just growing up and growing deeper into my heart.  She is still just a mellow happy little girl.  Easy going with an engaging smile and sparkling eyes.  She still LOVES her thumb (as do I frankly); her thighs are even more delicious (if that were possible), and she loves to eat eat eat.  She's also a drooler! Maybe one of these days she will actually get teeth to go along with all that drool.
She has just started waving hello and good-bye.  It's a full arm wave/slap with a lot of enthusiasm involved.  She also will snuggle in and give hugs to people, her blankets, and her pink bunny.
Elsa also loves to sit and play with her toys (no real thoughts of crawling yet).  She currently enjoys the FP little people Noah's Ark and fishing animals out of the boat, eating them, hitting them together, and dumping them all out. 
Oh how I love that little sunshine!
I grabbed these just before nap time.  You can see the tired around the eyes.  I was able to coax smiles out of her though.  This one she's just staring at me and probably thinking my camera would be interesting to suck on.

Grammie and Papa and the grandkids

Anna and Hyrum came for a quick visit this week before Grammie and Papa move back to Utah next week.  We [tried] to take a picture of them together with all their grandkids.  Not an easy task AT ALL.  Especially when one particularly cute six year old refuse to cooperate. 
Notice someone is missing?
 Here is what we I caught instead -STINKER:

And after all those faces, and the group was all broken up I caught this cute picture of Elijah and Sam.  Man, he is a handsome stinker!

Fourth of July

Our ward does a Fourth of July breakfast every year (well at least for the last few years).  It includes a short bike parade, flag ceremony, and yummy pancake breakfast.  We all got decked out in our festive clothes and had a great time.  I meant to get a picture of all of us together.  But that never seems to happen.  Oh well!
Not the best of pics but the only one I got that included Sam.  He's hard to catch some times.

Love the little neck and the rolls on the elbows!

My Lovely Little Fish

 I forgot to include these photos with the post about our trip to Virginia.  Here's my lovely Elsa sporting her little swim suit.  The most adorable little fish in the sea.  Age 6 1/2 Months.

In case you didn't catch the thighs in their full glory.

She wasn't too keen about the water but her daddy had fun swimming with her. (Her second venture into the water a few weeks later lasted a lot longer and she seemed to enjoy it more)