Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sam's growing up...FAST

Sam is eating his oatmeal most everyday for breakfast and is growing up so fast. He's such a smart little man and a charmer to boot. I sure love that kid and his big brown eyes.

I changed his diaper this morning and he was fighting me so I grab a pair of Elijah's underwear that was close by to distract him. When I was done throwing icky diaper away I noticed Sam walking into the room wearing Elijah's underwear haphazzardly. Obviously he did it himself and he was rather proud of himself. I couldn't help but capture it on camera. He was distracted watching his favorite show Curious George so I was able to get a good number of shots of him in his big boy pants. He is Elijah's little shadow and wants to do whatever he is doing. He even wants to sit on the potty! They grow up too fast!

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Charis said...

I miss you guys so much, your boys are so cute!