Thursday, November 19, 2009

Josh Passed!

Josh had his doctorate defense yesterday.  It was a crazy day with a few technical bumps but despite it all Josh passed with flying colors! There are a few changes to be made in his paper by December 2nd and then we are officially done.  Woot Woot! 

A few of the bumps:
  • We missed the IT people with the projector and had to call them back up to the room (11th floor tower overlooking the stadium).  They were late.
  • Two of Josh's committee members were late.  One eventually responded to a phone call and made it but the other had made a schedualing error and couldn't come.
  • Josh didn't have a laser pointer and ended up using a fire poker (a lot heavier and more menacing than a little lazer, to say the least).
  • Because of the late start they got kicked out of the room before they were done questioning Josh and they had to all squeeze in an ancient small elevator and go to a different room.
  • The whole process took longer than expected so Josh and I didn't get to go celebrate like we had planned.  I had to run home and get the boys from my friend and Josh had a group meeting at work.  We still haven't been able to properly celebrate but are very relieved and excited that he passed.

Thank you for your support and prayers.  We have felt of your love and greatly appreciate it.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

From one Stress to the Next

Phew!  We all survived the wedding.  Everything came together really well in the end.  The bride and groom were married and happy, my mother did an AMAZING job decorating the cultral hall, and everyone had a great time at the reception (especiallly Elijah and Sam).

I will admit it was VERY stressful trying to get everything finished.  It didn't help that I was really missing my husband too.  It was all worth it though to be there for my sister.  I am so happy for her and Bryce. 

Well, now we can focus on the other things that are stressing us right now...

Josh has officially submitted his discertation to his defence committee members.  He's working on setting up his defence for the 18th (in TWO weeks!).  He is stressed trying to make final changes and get all the paperwork in order to graduate.  It's created a lot of tention having us be so stressed about it.  We will be SO glad when it is all done.

On top of that Northrup Grumman has hooked us up with the relocation company that will be taking care of our move to Maryland.  They have been emailing and calling trying to get us set up with the moving company, temporary housing, a trip to MD to look for housing, etc.  Apparently I don't have to pack a single box, they'll do it all for us, but it is stressful getting everything coordinated and I still have to go through everything and get rid of what we don't want/need.  I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed.   I will be very grateful when January rolls around and all of this will be behind us, but then there will be more adventures in store for us, to be sure.

(oh I do have a lot of pictures on my camera but the camera cord hasn't turned up yet from our trip to Utah... I'm still trying to dig us out of mounds of laundry etc... I'll get them up eventually!)