Thursday, June 19, 2008


I'm looking at how many visitors I've had since my last post and feeling bad that there is nothing new to read but I'm not sure I have anything particular to say so I might as well ramble.

This week has been a hot one. Our little apartment on the third floor gets hot rather fast and I find myself breaking down and turning the air conditioner on. My patience runs really thin when I am hot and uncomfortable so I've found for a happy mommy its better to have the air on than sweat it out.

This week I am grateful for my ward family. We really love the church members that we get to associate with and they truly have become our surrogate family. I love that as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints we all have the same foundation of what we believe and our goals in life and beyond. It makes making new friends easy and I love getting to know new people. The mommy friends are particularly wonderful. We have been busily active with our friends this past week and has been wonderful for the boys and myself.

Josh has been taking the bus really early in the morning (5:30 am) and I have suddenly had access to the car on a regular basis. This has enabled us to participate in the free activities around town with our friends. Monday there is free pizza lunch at the elementary, Tuesday is free movies at the movie theater, Wednesday is parkdays with the ward, and Thursday is library time (though we haven't made it to that one yet and I'm not sure it's going to happen today. We'll see). Then on Saturday I get to go garage saleing with my friends too (sometimes without the kids even!)

So I think I have convinced myself I really want a new camera. I've been studying all the reviews and trying to find the perfect model for all my needs. Any suggestions or help to offer? I would like to stay in the $200 range which means a point and shoot camera (someday I want to make the jump to DSLR). I'm looking for a good zoom (5-10x), comfortable size, image stabilization, face recognition, short flash delay, preferably SD card, easily accessible and maneuverable menus, and good movie capabilities. Is that too much to ask in one package?

I'm looking at the Panasonic TZ4 but there are a few (just a couple) mixed reviews that I have found that make it hard for me to commit (which isn't that hard of a thing to do. I'm far from a decisive person on stuff like this). But the camera has an amazing 10x zoom in a larger but still compact camera. I've played with the TZ5, a big sister model to the TZ4, and liked it in store but I'm afraid that opinion will change when I get it home and try it out on my bouncing of the wall boys.
So at the end of all this rambling I pose a question:
What camera do you use? Would you recommend it? Pros and Cons?
I'd love to know!


Charis said...

Ok Sarah, My camera is old, but the only thing I dislike about my camera is how long it takes to acutally take the picture and then the very long wait time inbetween the pictures. So I suggest what ever you get it has a quick click that you don't have to wait for three seconds for it to actually work and another five seconds for it to stop thinking to take the next picture. because in the world of husbands, little boys, and babies three seconds is a very long time.

Ike said...

Sarah, cousin Ike here. A new visitor to your site.

We have had a Lumix for more than a year and have loved it. I bought it after reading this review on BoingBoing.

One thing it does very well that Charis brings up is it turns on very quickly so you can take a fast picture, which is important when you have little kids.

I like the blog, you're a very good writer!

Becca said...

We have a Canon Powershot A620, and we've really liked it. It's a couple years old now. When we were first looking for cameras, we checked out reviews on They do a good job telling you what to expect and how to look for a good camera.

jessafaddis said...

My recommendation . . .we have had many cameras and I have to say that unless you really need a new camera, save your money for a D-SLR. I've had a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT 8 MP SLR for a couple of years and think its the most fabulous camera (except for the tiny little fact that it doesn't shoot videos). With the 10 and 12 MP models coming out the 8 MP models are really coming down in price and so far I haven't felt the need to move up to 10 or 12 MP. The 8 MP has excellent quality, even if you're printing larger pictures. We also have the Kodak 10.1 MP EasyShare Camera that takes HD pictures and HD video. I much prefer my Canon.

P.S. You may want to check out ebay - - Travis bought my camera as a graduation gift in 05 and got a great package on ebay. It came with the camera body, 3 lenses (standard, zoom, wide-angle), 3 filters, 2 additional flashes, a tripod, 2 carrying cases, 2 batteries/charger, and a few other things.

Angie Wilson said...

I personally love the Canon 5D. :)
I don't know a ton about point and shoots, but the Image is Found (my photographer heros) use a canon SD850 IS, and anything that they use, I'd buy. :)

Annabob said...

Hey if it helps, your little sister is looking to buy a camera and she doesn't mind if it is used!