Monday, June 30, 2008

Time saver (or Not)

I had heard a lot about GoogleReader through fellow bloggers (I admit I'm sometimes a blog stalker) and a Family History Conference I went to last year. A couple weeks ago I decided to try it out. I am here to tell you it is amazing! It had gotten to where I was checking 20 or so blogs regularly to see if they had posted anything new and was frequently disappointed when they hadn't. But with GoogleReader I subscribe to whatever blogs/websites I want to keep tabs on and Google notifies me whenever there are new posts. I know instantly if someone has posted something! Now some might say this is a great time saver, saving me from physically searching each blog myself. And though it does save me from doing that, I find that I am spending more time reading even more blogs now. Oh the irony.

So, just so you know-
I 'm keeping up and I enjoy reading your blogs!


Quinn and Ashley said...

I just wanted to tell you about the new "BLog List" that blogger just came out with. It is kind of the same thing as google reader aparently, it is one my blog. If you want to see it in action! I am going to miss you in primary, although I haven't been in it that long.

Becca said...

Google reader is pretty much the awesome-est.

Maren said...

I love Google reader!! The only down side is that if someone has a private blog it won't update and sometimes I forget to check their blogs. But other than that- it is a beautiful thing!

Sarah said...

I've had the same problem with private blogs *Charis*

Sometimes it's hard to remember which ones I've subscribed to and which ones I can't and have to check myself.