Friday, June 20, 2008

Garage Sale Rug

I have been looking at rugs off and on at Walmart and such for a few weeks now. When I saw a garage sale with large rugs out I was all there. I got two rugs, a large and a small, for six dollars! I've wanted a large one to put in our living area where the carpet has become rather spotted from my children and the fact that it is nasty old apartment carpet. The big one is actually a bit larger than I need but I think it works fairly well. It's a light brown burber with a dark brown border. The little one (pictured below with spaghetti noodles all over it) has now made its way into the kitchen to replace the old, rather dirty one I had. The great thing is, if I get sick of them I have no guilt throwing them out because I only spent 6 bucks on them.

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The Fullmers Three said...

You gotta love garage sales! Congrats