Monday, June 30, 2008

Potty Training Saga ... Continues

It was a rough weekend as far as potty training goes. Elijah had more accidents this past weekend than almost the whole month. He's struggling getting to the potty fast enough. He waits too long and then does a scatterbrain potty dance in the bathroom trying to get his pants down and onto the potty before it's too late. And then yesterday, while Josh and I were resting (okay, napping) and Sam was asleep, Elijah made the toilet overflow all over the bathroom floor. He comes in and tells us "I've had an accident" with his sopping socks and pants, not to mention the bathroom rugs and puddle covered floor. Oh the fun things our children do!

But there are some good things happening with potty training too. This morning when Josh got up (at 4:30 am to get to work early, the poor guy is working so hard to get his chip working and it is not cooperating) he found Elijah curled up on the bathroom rug again with his pants down. Who knows how long he slept there. The poor boy made it to the potty but was too tired to pull his pants up and make it back to bed.

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Susan said...

What a struggle potty training is! It always seemed with Emma though that just when I was about to pull out my hair and give up, she started to make improvements... eventually the good outweighed the bad and gradually I could trust her in her underwear. Just keep at it! He'll get it! :)