Thursday, June 12, 2008

Celebrating and Indecisive

Our friend Laura was kind enough to watch our boys last night so Josh and I could go out to eat (mmm Red Lobster!) and visit some antique stores to celebrate our anniversary. We were hoping to find something for an anniversary gift for ourselves along the line of furniture (maybe-- we're having a hard time deciding) but came home empty handed except for a cool little book we found at Rose Buds on Main St. It was a darling little store, that happened to be in shambles because they were getting ready for a show. They had all kinds of vintage knick knacks, books, furniture, and a load of cool vintage clothes. The people were really nice and the little touches around the store were quaint and tasteful. After we bought it they wrapped it up in an old sewing pattern (instead of tissue paper) and put it in a cute bag. I was impressed with the nice touch of using the pattern in such a cute way.

The book we found is A Week on the Concord by Henry D Thoreau, which alone would warrent me wanting the book. But it is a nice green leather bound book from the year 1900. It just feels so good in your hands. I can't resiste old books!

We are having a hard time deciding what we want to get for our anniversary. I guess tradition says that the fifth anniversary is the "wood" anniversary. We would love to get something that would last for years to come and have the money to buy something more substantial. A piece of furniture would be great and there are things I want except that we are tight on space in our apartment already and we will probably be moving in the Fall. We would love a flat screen tv (to replace our well used 13inch) but that doesn't cry anniversary to me. Looking at the picture of the book, and my inability to get the outdated lug of a camera to focus right, maybe we should get a new camera. Unfortunately that will be outdated in a matter of months.

Oh the curse of being indecisive!

Any suggestions?

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Laura said...

I've actually read that book. It was contemplative. Very Thoreau. Happy reading! And, hey, if you want to be indecisive that's okay. You have a super-cute apartment, so I think you should just trust your instincts. When you see the right thing you'll know it!