Sunday, June 8, 2008

Garage Sales

Yesterday was a crazy garage sale day. There were hundreds of them in town, HUNDREDS! There just wasn't enough hours in the morning, enough gas in the car, or enough one dollar bills in my pocket to meet the massive amount of stuff availible for the taking.

Josh and the boys joined me yesterday and we ended up at a community garage sale on the East side of town. I love community sales because it means there are a lot of houses in the same neighborhood selling stuff and you can walk from house to house (thus saving the ever growing cost of gas). Eventually the boys ended up at the nice park in the middle of the neighborhood and I was off on my own. When I finally picked them up again, Josh was a little taken aback by all the stuff I had crammed into the car. Can I say... it was a great day to be garage saleing.

I didn't buy anything massive but I bought a lot of fun stuff: 5-6 puzzles for Elijah including a cool Thomas the Tank Engine Clock puzzle and a large dinosaur one; books, books, and more books-garage sales feed my need to be surrounded by books and surround my kids with books, I can't seem to get enough; a pottery barn twin size quilt; the game Blokus (review to come); a nice wood set of Tangrams for four people (unopened when I bought it, Josh and I have been racing to solve the puzzles); clothes for the boys; and the movie Dead Poets Society.

The boys were worn out and Josh was hungry, otherwise I could have spent every dime that I had. I'm excited and iching to get out next week.

I gave Elijah 4 quarters before we left so he could find something at the garage sales to buy. The first thing he picked out was his motorcycle and man. He was digging through the box looking for something for 10 minutes or so (while I was busy picking up all the great books and clothes they had). It was so cute when he dug in his pocket for his quarter to buy it. The next thing he picked out at another sale was the blue elephant that cost 2 quarters. His last quarter was spent at the end of the morning on some YoGo's snack. He was quite proud of himself and what he bought with his hand full of quarters.
We asked him what he wanted to name his elephant and he said Daniel. We'll see if we can convince him to pick another name -he has 2 or 3 other animals named Daniel (not to mention our dead fish). He seems to really like the name. He a silly, cute kid and a great garage sale buddy.

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