Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Played out

We had a playdate yesterday and ended up staying most of the day. The boys were playing so well and having so much fun, the didn't want to leave. When I finally pried them away and went home we were all tired. I let them watch Dragon Tales for some down time while I cooked our anniversary dinner, Spicy coconut shrimp with mango basil salsa. Dragon Tales went off and the news came on but no one jumped up to turn the TV off. I peaked in to see what was up and found Sammy slumped in his little chair fast asleep. The poor kid had played so hard and long without a nap all day.
I pulled him out and put his jammies on but he woke up and got his second wind by the time Josh got home.
That kid just make me happy. I sure a lucky mommy.

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