Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tissue Crafts for Kids

My mother introduced my kids and I to these simple, low mess, projects. It is a tissue paper art kit from Alex Crafts. Everything you need is included with the kit. It's a great activity for little hands to do with just a little supervision. There are 6 differetn self stick patterns. You peal off the top paper to reveal the sticky surface below a section at a time. Your kid just crumples a square of tissue paper and sticks it onto the pealed section until the entire section is covered and they are ready for a new section to be pealed. Whenever I pull this out, Elijah is very intently involved for a good chunk of time. Today we worked on the fish.


Susan said...

That's a fun idea! Can you buy the kits at Michaels?

Sarah said...

I got my kit at Target. I imagine they would be easy to find on the internet too. Alex makes a lot of wonderful art supplies for kids.