Saturday, July 5, 2008

Talk about expensive Blueberries!

I set Josh to Walmart yesterday to get some blueberries and a couple avacados.

He came home with a Wii Fit (in addition to the blueberries and avacados).

Yep, somehow he wondered back to the electronics and just casually asked if they happened to have any Wii Fits. Amazingly, the answer was YES.

It is great fun! Elijah, Josh, and I have all been playing on the amazing balance board. The technology is pretty amazing. The games are fun and the personal tracking is very cool. I'm excited to use it more and more!


Becca said...

Totally jealous! :)

Charis said...

so jealous, I was just talking about that with Margaret, my mother-in-law, last night, she was wondering if it was any good. She said she wished she knew, maybe she would buy it if she knew if it was good. does it have good exercises on it? maybe I can tell her you like it, so she can buy it, and then I can use it!