Thursday, July 24, 2008

Happy Pioneer Day

For those of you who don't live in Utah, today is just another day, but in Utah it's a big celebration day complete with parades and fireworks celebrating the entering of the Mormon Pioneers into the Salt Lake Valley.

This morning the boys and I went to the Salt Lake City Days of '47 Pioneer Day Parade with Josh's parents and little brother. Elijah was very excited for the parade and he was not disappointed. It was a perfect morning for a parade, we were lucking with our parking spot and our parade route spot, their was a nice ocassional breeze and the sun wasn't too hot. Overall we had a grand time celebrating with the masses (something I tend to avoid).

We got there early and the boys entertained themselves fairly well, with a little help from funky hats, suckers, and grandpa.

President Monson and his wife were in the parade. And I had to recognize Cougar Pride!

Sam was really interested in the parade floats, especially the horses (which is a new word he can say). He would wave back at everyone and say "Bye".

Elijah attatched himself to the spary bottle fan. He enjoyed spraying everyone, including the people in front of us, and the ground.

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