Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Park Days of Summer

Every week a bunch of women and their kids from our ward get together at the various parks in our town for "Park Days". Our town has a great selection of parks to go to and we go to a different one every week.

Our group was a little small today but it gave me the push I needed to take pictures instead of sitting in the shade chatting. I got some fun shots of the boys with my new camera. ENJOY.
Warning: Too cute for his own good.
Sam giving me the fake fussy face because he wanted help down but I was too busy taking pictures of him.

I hope everyone is finding fun stuff to keep them busy and cool this summer! Here's to happy days!


Susan said...

We usually do park days each week for playgroup as well, but we had to change it to pool days a couple months ago because it's too hot to be at the park! :) Your pictures are great - I really like that one you took looking up at him through the bars - cute! What a joy to have a new camera!

Charis said...

wow sammy is almost as tall as elijah!