Monday, July 28, 2008

Cowboy Party

Mom pulled together another amazing party for our visit. Last time we were here we had a Pirate Party. This time we had a Cowboy Party complete with costumes and cowboy grub. The boys had the greatest time, as did the rest of us. We were sad that Josh couldn't be here to join us (our brake adventure on the way out here prevented us from doing the party that night as planned with Josh).

The evening was spent getting dressed up, dancing to cowboy music, line dancing, making belt buckles out of pie tins, making root beer and eating cowboy dinners, having a cowboy relay race, a gold rush, and ending with singing around our fake campfire with papa dusting of his guitar to accompany us. Sam and Elijah were totally engrossed in the festivities and I enjoyed snapping all the shots (with my camera that is).


Susan said...

That's so fun! Your mom is such a good party planner. :)

Heath#1 said...

I love the belt buckles that is hillarious (sp?) Some of them are really that big too!