Sunday, July 13, 2008

Garage Sales

I was able to go garage saleing both Friday and Saturday this week. The boys accompanied me on Friday and Cecilia joined me on Saturday. I found some more fabric remnants that are stewing up projects in my mind. One piece is a few yards of red polyester that Elijah suggested would make good capes for him and Sam. I was also excited to find a viewfinder with lots of different viewing disks, some of them even unopened. It's great timing for our road trip coming up on Wednesday to Utah. I'm always looking for new distractions for Elijah and Sam. I also got a box of old school dominos that Elijah immediately latched onto and started stacking on the table.

Ironically the one thing I have a picture of is something that I didn't buy. One house I went to had the vintage fisher price toys. Ones that I remember playing with when I was little with the people that were tall and thin (and apparently a chocking hazzard). I had absolutly no use for the play house and it didn't have any of the people. But it dug up some fond memories so I had to take a picture and then tell it goodbye.

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Charis said...

for future reference anytime you find fisher price oldschool toys that are a decent price... under three dollars... especially if it has stuff under five or seven dollars if it has lots of stuff I would love them! i like to collect them!