Sunday, July 13, 2008

Rhythm on the River

Our community did a big family event yesterday that we went to with our friends the Fehlbergs. There were a lot of fun activities for the kids, lots of free handouts and information, as well and live music, lots of food, and arts and crafts booths. We spent probably four hours enjoying the free fun and getting a lot of sun (apparently we weren't as careful with the sunscreen as we thougth we were). Overall it was a great day of fun and we all came home happy and exhausted.

Among the freebies were the yellow "hard" hats that you see the boys wearing. Josh ended up wearing one most of the afternoon. He's a silly, very cute man!

They had a big pool full of live trout for the boys (Elijah, Sam and Ezra) and Alexis to fish in, catch and release. The poor trout had been in there all morning and I am sure they weren't very hungry. Only Ezra got a bite but wasn't able to keep it.

They had the big bouncy blow up toys. Sam wasn't really into the chaos that comes with those but Elijah loved bouncing and even climbed up the huge slide and went down by himself (though it took him a while of drooling before he got up the courage). They had the Carnival swings that go round and round. Elijah and Sam both enjoyed it. Ezra is the cute kid in the right of the picture that Elijah greatly enjoys playing with.

They also had a huge pool for kyaking in. Josh was brave enough to take the two boys alone. Sam was in front and wanted to be in charge of the paddle, all by himself. It caused a little bit of a struggle and Josh ended up powering the craft with his hands instead. Elijah was just along for the ride and content.

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