Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

Yesterday we had a great day together as a family. The boys woke up and put on their festive socks with stars and stripes. Elijah wanted to paint fireworks and Sam joined in on the fun.

We went on a picnic for lunch. We thought about joining in the festivities put on by the city. But drove by the massive crowds and decided against it. We ended up at a park with four ponds and a great walking path. After lunch we walked around a bit (it was rather hot and humid yesterday and today, ugh). We crossed a cool bridge and found a waterfall (man made) and a little cove where we "fished" for crawdads. I have memories of fishing for crawdads with my dad and brother many years ago in Illinois. I was actually able to catch a big one with only a stick and my hands (pat on the back) and the boys had great fun splashing in the water scaring all the crawdads.

We stayed home and BBQ'd with the missionaries and had a yummy red, white, and blue cheesecake. I found the recipe at Mine didn't look quite as pretty as theirs, but it tasted oh so good and it was super simple.

We also sang Happy Birthday to America. Well, actually Elijah sang a solo for us. It was pretty cute. I made firecracker cakes with little debbie swiss rolls on end and candles. Both the boys loved blowing them out.

I hope you had a wonderful holiday too!


Charis said...

what in the world is a crawdad? just wondering!

Sarah said...

Hmm.. How do you describe a crawdad.
It's like a lobster, but a lot smaller. It lives in fresh water, has little pinchers (click on picture to blow up, the one I caught had blue pinchers), and a tail much like a lobster. I guess you can eat them. Josh keeps talking about it but has yet to catch any and I'm sure not eating them.