Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Once again... we managed to make it

We finally made it to Utah. We actually made pretty good time once we got on the road, four hours after we started. Turns out that our brake pads were down to the nub, over heating, and boiling our brake fluid. Thus the sparadic functioning of our brakes. Thankfully the auto shop got us in quickly and $300 dollars later we were on the road again.

The boys were great the entire ride. We only stopped once for gas and a potty break (plus a brief break at the side of the road for a toddler stop, Elijah thought I was teasing when I offered him a chance go peepees in the grass). It was sure great to finally get to my parents house. There was quite a welcoming committy when we arrived, complete with Abby dog hugs.

Well, they're pulling out the Wii Fit to show it off.
Let the fun vacation begin!


Charis said...

YAY you made it! I was concerned that you might decide to not come... how sad. I will see you sunday!

Celeste said...

I am jealous! I want to be in Utah!! Have a fun vacation and live it up for me too! Love ya!