Monday, July 28, 2008

More Pioneer Day Pictures

I forgot I had more pictures of our 24th of July celebrations. Elijah begged Grandpa to get a few fireworks and he and Cuyler seemed happy to ablidge. The boys were very impressed with the fire display and I was happy to have an excuse to use the firework mode on my camera.

Before doing the fireworks the boys set up the tent in the back yard for a boys night out under the stars. Sam was very excited and quite a helper. They ran around inside the tent for a good amount of time to get all the wiggles out. By the time we had done the fireworks and had homemade icecream they were pretty tuckered out. Though apparently Elijah couldn't go to sleep because of the sound of all the neighbors' fireworks. Grandpa kept him preoccupied by telling him storys of when various members of the family were babies (a few of these stories were repeated to me this morning and I'm afraid his primary teacher might eventually hear them too. Sorry Josh!)

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Charis said...

I am interested... what stories did grandpa tell?