Wednesday, February 13, 2008

washer still not working...

apparently they didn't register the work order that I called in last Thursday for our washing machine. When Josh called the repair man monday to try and get an estimate on what could be wrong and how much it might cost they didn't have us on the schedule. Now I have to wait until FRIDAY for them to come.

I am sooooo, SOOO thankful that I was caught up on my laundry when the washer broke-a rare occurance and a miracle indeed. We have managed to make it a week without doing laundry (it is sure starting to pile up though and we are digging in the back of the closets). It is yet to be seen if we will make it to Friday, I'm thinking I will have to do a load of whites and my nightmare will become a reality unless I can convince Josh to do it for me. (have i mentioned i love that boy!) My mom stopped herself from complaining about doing laundry to me over the phone the other day... what would i give to be able to do laundry today at home!

So keep your fingers crossed for us that it will be a quick and easy repair, like they think it will be, and won't cost us too much (cause the machine sure isn't worth it).

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