Thursday, February 7, 2008

6th Day of Valentines

I spent my free time today working on family history and trying to get all of my records (from multiple databases) up to date and merged together and on the new familysearch website. It's a long process because I am double checking stuff and trying to complete entire families. Anyway, the house has gotten a little out of control because of it.

My post for valentines today is that I love that Josh supports me in my hobbies and projects. He doesn't mind when I get the crazy need to go buy yarn and start a new project, or buy more scrapbook supplies and then leave him to watch the kids while I go to a friends' house to scrapbook with the girls. He doesn't come home and freak out when the house is a mess or dinner isn't made because all my extra mental power and time has been spent on something not entirely productive. He pushes me to do things that I enjoy and I love him so much for it.

Sarah loves Joshua

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