Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My Sam Sam

Sam is at the age where he is always exploring the limits. He gets this little gleam in his eye and is off. He is a lot more mischievious than Elijah ever was. Lately he loves to empty the dishwasher for me--knives first (if I'm not fast enough to get to them before he does). He will pull all the silverware out and the bowls and play like he is cooking. He LOVES to cook, especially with daddy because he will hold him up and let him in on the action. Sam is totting around everywhere and even has a double speed for when he's trying to evade getting caught (along with the little spark in his eyes).

He doesn't have the biggest vocab but manages to communicate what he wants rather well. The word you hear most out of him is "ish" with various inflections to mean different things including juice, milk, fish, this, I want, shoe etc. Josh says there isn't a difference in the way he says it but I swear there is.

He's still a very lovey dovey little boy. He gives hugs to everyone after family prayers. It just melts my heart when Elijah and Sammy hug each other. He also gives big, open, drooly mouth kisses.

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Susan said...

Sam is sooo cute! He looks a lot like you Sarah - what a cutie boy. :)