Tuesday, February 5, 2008

4th day of Valentines (late again) and DDR

Josh and i were up til 11:30 last night playing ddr on our wii. It was a blast! because we were up so late dancing our hearts out, i didn't get my 4th day of valentines posted, but we were doing what i was planning on posting--playing games together.
Josh and i are rather competitive and can get kind-of mean when we play games against each other... in a good way. I like that we are able to be competitive, and argue and sometimes wack each other, while playing games and then go back to being the best of friends when its done. (our friends must find us amusing to watch, a side of me comes out that you don't see any other time--poor josh!) I love that we can always pull out a game and have fun together as friends (and enemys). It is our most common date night together.
Sarah loves Joshua

Review on DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) for Wii: It is great fun! i never tried ddr on the playstation (there were always too many people around to watch my stupidity) but my parents got ddr for wii for christmas and i decided to try it out. I was hooked! So josh and i decided to get one for ourselves with some of our christmas money. I am far from coordinated, very lacking in that area, but i am getting better at the game and actually passing stuff off. Last night i went to bed with my legs aching like i had walked miles. overall i give this game two thumbs up. It gets you moving (i was acutally breaking a sweat) and just plain having fun--even with just one mat between the two of us.

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Susan said...

We've been playing lots of DDR while at my family's house. I agree! It's lots of fun and a great work out! I love these valentines you are posting for Josh... it's so cute!