Wednesday, February 20, 2008

hair cut time!

Sammy and Elijah got hair cuts yesterday by the most amature barber around--ME. With Elijah I have been rather lucky because his curly hair hides my butcher job, but sammy has the straight thin hair that is a challenge to cute. I'm looking at him today and noticing spots where i should have buzzed a little more. Oh well, he's still a cute kid despite the spaztic hair cuts he gets from his mother.

The pictures have Sam with his "B" 's. He has become even more attatched to his binki and blanket lately, especially now that he can call them by name. It's cute, I'll be in the other room and hear him yell "B" and I know that either he can't find his blanket/binki, Elijah has it and is teasing him, or it is stuck in his crib where he can't reach it. Goodness, it's just the cutest thing.

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Maren said...

Good job on the haircut! Sheldon cuts his own hair and it is so true that the curls really do hide all the mistakes. I think that is why he gets away with cutting his own.