Tuesday, February 12, 2008

New Recipe Blog

Everyday Recipes, Recipes for Real Life

I have started another blog! I'm addicted, can you tell? My sister blog is for recipes and I need your help! I would like people I know to be co-authors with me and submit recipes. I'm assuming if you are reading this blog you know me (and if you didn't know me i guess you pretty much do now through reading my blog). If you would like to be an author on Everyday Recipes, leave a comment with your email address to this post and I will send you an invitation. If you have a blogger account it's a breeze to get added. If you don't have an account yet it is super easy to start one. Let me know if you have any questions.

I'm excited to be able to post my recipes and share them with you and even more excited to see the ones that others submit!

*Keep in mind that my new blog is very much under construction and an experiment. I need your help to get it going! let me know if you see any additions or changes that I should make.


Becca said...

I'll help!

Celeste said...

I want in on this too!! it sounds great I am always looking for a new recipe!! Celestial_glory@hotmail.com
love ya!!

Susan said...

Fun idea! I want in. :) susandangerfield@gmail.com