Tuesday, February 19, 2008

counting my blessings

Last night we watched the spy movie Breach. The movie is based on a true story about an FBI investigation into an agent that was leaking intel to the Soviet Union. It was a very interesting movie that made you think a bit but wasn't too tense (I'm not much for tense movies, Josh ends up with nail marks on his arms). Overall, I enjoyed the movie.

Anyway, the movie showed the wife of one of the characters struggling at being the wife of an aspiring agent. The movie made me very grateful that Josh is a student of physics and not an FBI agent. I am grateful he can talk to me about his work, even though I don't understand 90% of it. I know where he is and usually when he will be home, and he is able to take time for family when he needs to. I've been struggling lately and putting a lot of pressure on Josh to finish up school and graduate. I want a timetable and I want to know where we will be in a year, but apparently it doesn't work that way and I am trying to accept that. I love him, I love that he is enjoying what he is doing and that he is able to provide for our family. I guess I need to buck up and just enjoy the ride and be grateful for what I have.

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