Thursday, February 21, 2008

Bunnies and Super Heros

This morning was full of pretending at my house. I had two litle bunnies running around the house (one was actually hopping, or as he says it "popping"). A while ago, elijah got the idea that pajama pants made really good bunny ears. at one point or another, all of us have played bunnies, running around the house with pants on our heads. It is fun now that sam is in on the action. Yesterday we were playing super heros and all had our capes on so I put sammy's on again today to catch some pictures. Thus was born the super hero sammy bunny. Of course Elijah is all but naked in these pictures-- since we have been potty training he hates to wear clothes (and I hate to take off soaking clothes when he has an accident) so most of the time we run around with just underwear on. The pictures might be blurry, it is very hard to catch these fast bunnies.

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