Monday, February 11, 2008

Post update/corrections

well, it's been a crazy end of the week with not much time for blogging (i am horribly behind on my valentines day, but i guess so is josh so i don't feel totally horrible). anyway, there are some updates/corrections to my past entries that have come up.

Sammy is sick. apparently RSV is going around the ward. I'm hoping that is not what we have. we got out wednesday for a play date and most of the kids (out of nine) were not in church yesterday, including Sammy. He mostly just hasn't been acting himself, being extra clinggy and droopy eyed. He does have a cough that sounds nasty but it is not very frequent. So here's hoping it will pass quickly and that the rest of us will not get it.

Another thing--Sam is now walking most of the time over crawling. He's pretty much walking everywhere with his cute little beginner walking stance. He has discovered that he can now carry his blanket around with him. he slings it over his shoulder when he walks so he doesn't trip on it. He's our own cute little Linus. He has become quite attatched to his blanket lately, keeping close tabs on it. which leads to the last update i have...

My washer is currently broken. Apparently i jinxed it last week with my blog on things i would rather not live without. (my crocs are still holding up and i do have a few back up pairs if i did happen to jinx them too.) Sam's blanket was in dire need of a washing and Sam has been skipping his morning nap lately so i on thursday morning i decided to wash it. Unfortunatly i let Sam in on the plan and he was not happy at all-- very distraught in fact. So we were peaking at the blanket while it was in the washer during the spin cycle, but when we put the lid down again it only made a clicking sound and wouldn't start up again, big UH OH. So now, not only did i have a broken washer but a sopping wet blanket with a crying baby wanting it. oh the drama of my life!

Poor Sam was walking around lost the entire time his blanket was in the dryer. He would start crying and walk to the washer. It was the most heart wrenching thing and of course i had to get a picture of it... unfortunatly he wasn't very cooperative, he just wanted to cuddle hence the really close pictures.

So here's hopping that the washer will get fixed tomorrow when the repairman comes and that it won't cost us an arm and a leg!

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