Monday, May 19, 2008

Our Garden

Our poor seeds had greatly outgrown their sprouting tray but it was still snowing a cold outside until just recently. Finally, on Saturday we transplanted them into our newly filled containers that Josh made*. The plants have been in there for two and a half days now and the plants seem to be happy. I'm really excited about the containers because you just poor water down the tube into the reservoir in the bottom until the water comes out of the full hole on the side. Which means I can top it off whenever I think about it but don't have to worry about it if I miss a day. You also put a fertilizer strip down the middle and so you don't have to feed the plants the entire season. I'm very hopeful that this low maintenance system will help me not kill them off this year before we produce anything.

*Links to where I got the instructions on how to make these boxes are on my old post about our seeds linked above.

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