Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sam Sam-the BIG little man

Sammy went to nursery today for the first time!

He was such a big boy that they shewed Josh out after 10 minutes because Sam was doing great. I went to go pick him up after church and when he saw me he had a big grin and yelled "Mama" (that is one of the moments when I love to hear him say Mama, there are times when he overuses my name especially when in a whiny voice. Shouldn't he be too young for that?). It is so hard to believe that both of my kids are now in primary! The just grow up too fast and before you know it they aren't babies anymore.

I think the biggest transition might be for Josh. I asked him how sunday school was and his response was "boring". He didn't have his usual distraction of amusing Sam. Oh well, maybe now he will have something to tell me when I ask what was sunday school/priesthood about.

Yay for Sammy! Hopefully every Sunday will go as well as today in nursery.

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Susan said...

I'm so jealous! Becca doesn't go to nursery until October and she's definitely a handful right now - we give up and end up in the hall quite a bit!