Sunday, May 11, 2008

Funny Story

I was reminded of a funny story today that happened on Thursday when we were hanging out with Laura and her kids after the zoo.

We were at Raber Park where Naomi has soccer practice. I figured Josh was working late (he didn't get home until midnight that night) and what was I going to do with the kids at home other than go nuts, so why not run them around a bit more so they would be sure to go to bed easily that night (which thankfully worked).

Anyway, we did the whole run around thing and then it came time to leave. Elijah has been struggling with listening and obeying lately, and decided that he wasn't ready to go. I pulled the whole "I'm leaving you, goodbye!" trick which got a response albeit a slow walking response. Getting a little impatient I then yelled over my shoulder to my competitive son- all the way across the park, echoing off the houses and school surrounding the park- "I'm going to beat you!!".

It wasn't until after I had yelled it that I realized that didn't sound good.


In the end I didn't end up beating him after all-

He got to the car first.

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Laura said...

I'm still laughing about that one!