Monday, May 26, 2008

Gratitude Journal

I haven't been very good at this lately-at all-and I'm afraid it's probably going to continue being like that.

But today as I sit here, in a moment of quiet (Curious George, our most favorite show, is on right now), I am grateful for:
  • Curious George. He allows me the time to get a shower without being terribly worried what my boys are doing. Elijah (and Sam is coming up on it too) views the world much like George does and has learned many wonderful things through watching George.
  • my two little pilates buddies, Sammy and Elijah, who amuse me, distract me, and climb on me but make it a lot more fun (albeit not as effective)
  • Sunday afternoons. When I get to spend quiet time with Josh, talk to my dad on the phone, maybe squeeze in a nap, cook together as a family, and play games with friends

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Quinn and Ashley said...

That was so much fun tonight! Thanks for inviting us over, that was really sweet. I went looking for you guys on google and I guess I found you! I love all of the pictures and all of the cute things you have!