Saturday, May 24, 2008

Hershey's Chocolate and Movie Tickets

Hershey's is doing a great promo right now. If you buy specially marked bags with Mega Movie Bonus points on them you can send in the points for free movie tickets. It takes 15 points to earn a movie ticket and most bags of chocolate are worth 5 points each. That means you only need three bags of chocolate to earn a free ticket.

To sweeten the deal, Walgreens has a rebate on Hershey's chocolate this month. Spend $15 and get $5 back in a rebate. This week their bags of chocolate (make sure you get the ones with the points) were 2/$4. If you bought 8 of them for $16 you would get $5 back and enough points for two movie tickets (plus extra points). SWEET!

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