Friday, April 18, 2008

Sprouting Seeds

Something else that was pushed back by our extended trip to Utah was the starting of our seeds for our "garden".

On Monday for FHE we went and picked out seeds and then planted them is a seed starter thing. Apparently we didn't mess things up because the seeds are already sprouting up (especially the cucumbers). We also planted chives, basil, zucchini, yellow squash, and hot peppers.

The plan is to transfer the seedlings into our "self-contained garden" boxes that Josh was kind enough to build for me off of a copycat pattern I found online. The big draw for me to the "self-contained" boxes were that there is a water reservoir in the bottom that you just have to keep filled, you don't water the plants directly (which I think is part of the problem with by black thumb--either over or under watering). I'll post pictures once we get them transferred. If you want more information on the boxes you can go here. A brochure from the boxes that are sold commercially is here.

Anyway, we haven't had much luck keeping plants alive and I'm hoping this will work for me. I'll keep you posted.

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