Thursday, May 8, 2008

Trip to the Denver Zoo

My boys and I go to the Denver Zoo multiple times a year (we just renewed our zoo membership for our third year). We love it! It is so big and has many different things to see. There is really no way you can see it all in one day.

Today we went with my friend Laura and her three kids. We all piled in Laura's new van (I so want her van! oh what a beautiful thing!) and trekked on down to the zoo for the day. As it turns out there were fifty or so buses parked outside and fifty zillion kids running around the zoo. Apparently the entire month of May is booked for school field trips. It was a little mazo at first but as the day went on it wasn't that bad. The rain did help to chase away most of the crowds (except us of course). Laura was so smart and brought both of her double strollers to accommodate the five kids (ages 0, 1, 2, 3, and 4). yeah, we had our hands full but I was pleasantly surprised at how good all the kids were and we all had a really good time.

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It was fun to take Sammy. We haven't been since Halloween (highly recommend Boo at the Zoo, great fun!) and he is finally getting to where he notices and is interested in the animals. He especially like the golden lion tamrins that he was able to get close to and watch. He was also excited about all the peacocks and geese roaming the park. When he noticed the elephants he got excited and started making our spitting elephant sound.

Elijah said when I was putting him to bed that he liked the sea lions. Well, we didn't see the sea lions today, but I think he liked the polar bears and the monkeys. He enjoyed making the animal sounds and gestures with Naomi and Eleanore. They did the elephants, cheetahs, lions, and monkeys to name a few. He also liked playing the African drums.

We came home all tired and feet sore but very happy to have spent the day with wild animals and friends. Thanks Laura for going with us!

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